Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Link dump: Cheerful edition

  • Ever wonder where your tax dollars go? Enter a few numbers and find out using this spiffy White House form.

  • Vitamin Poppers May Make Less Healthful Choices -- got my healths all covered now!

  • (In)(di)visibility -- a fascinating exploration of differences in how we treat people relative to "failings" that they can be "blamed for" (e.g., weight) versus those they "can't help" (e.g., autism) and what it says about those doing the judging.
    But for most of us, achieving the state expected of us wouldn’t just be a matter of trying, it would be the equivalent of earning a Ph.D. in astrophysics while simultaneously working swing shift as a police officer and raising triplets as a single parent — and we’d never get to stop. Maybe someone can actually do this, but expecting it to be a routine occurrence is, frankly, an expectation not supported by existing evidence.
  • When Did You Know Your Gender? -- another of those questions (like "when did you choose to be straight?") that make you rethink your assumptions/privilege.

  • How Teens Understand Privacy -- as a much more subtle and multifaceted matter than we tend to give them credit for!

  • Lost in Translation -- the experience of taking on something new, mastering it (you think), gaining humility, and learning some more... Funny and insightful.

  • Top Ten Myths About the Brain
Amusements and cheer:
Just plain awesome:

An amazing collaboration between Yo-Yo Ma and dancer Lil Buck -- Ma just keeps on pushing the boundary of where people think a classical cello should go. This is lovely and joyous.

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