Monday, November 21, 2016

This Week in Trump Outrages

You honestly can't make this stuff up -- Trump is well into the Orwellian approach to appointments made so popular during the Reagan years, with lots of people put into agencies whose basic missions they hate. There may be a little sanity injected on the foreign affairs fronts, but domestically, it's all rape and pillage the nation for the banksters and oligarchs, stomp civil liberties for increased profits. Hoo-hah.
  1. Most obvious crime, putting Jeff Sessions in as Attorney General, a man considered too racist to be a federal judge, but apparently just right to enforce federal laws on civil rights and all the rest.
    Sessions also called the American Civil Liberties Union and NAACP “communist-inspired”...
    Perfect for the Trumpian paranoia world. He's also been characterized as amnesty's worst enemy, so he should be in good position when the interments deportations begin...

  2. Then there's presumptive National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who is considered unhinged by people familiar with his prior career and rhetoric during Trump's campaign.
    He was reportedly effectively forced out of the DIA after clashing with superiors over his allegedly chaotic management style and vision for the agency. According to the New York Times, Flynn exhibited a loose relationship with facts, leading his subordinates to refer to Flynn's repeated dubious assertions as "Flynn facts"
    So we may hate his policies, and along the way he may create chaos in the security and defense fields, snuggle up to Russia, and maybe even push us into a war!

  3. Then there's the real right-wing demagogue Steve Bannon, who the New York Times has called "Turn on the Hate" Bannon, and who Trump has named as his Chief White House Strategist. Ok, Priebus is the Chief of Staff, but with this guy setting "strategy," we're unlikely to see an end to the hatefulness of the campaign period -- his time at Breitbart pretty much was stop #1 for alt-right talking points and fake news narratives -- what the Southern Poverty Law Center (a place you should consider supporting over the coming years!) has called a "white ethno-nationalist propaganda mill."

  4. Then there's Trump himself, self-styled "business guy," whose tax plan has already been shown to be a disaster when tried at the state level. (Of course, those of us who lived through the Reagan/Bush Sr. years already knew that "trickle down" just means huge deficits and cuts to services.) But his personal shamelessness is already on full display, as he encourages foreign dignitaries to stay at his new hotel and starts to leverage his future office for other business advancement. Barely two weeks post-election and he has us well on the way to being a huge new cleptocracy! oy.

  5. Edited to add this example from Argentina, where Trump wasted no time asking for help with a building project.

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