Friday, May 27, 2005

Untapped resources (in the air)

Some Stanford researchers have compiled a map of the world that shows the distribution of wind velocities at thousand of sites. They found that if only the top few percent of those sites were tapped for wind-derived energy, we could obtain multiples of the world's energy needs.wind turbine
The researchers readily admit that existing buildings, land rights and other obstacles would make it impossible to set up turbines in every single one of the identified regions. But they point out that even 20 percent of those sites could satisfy world energy consumption as it stands today.
Their estimates are probably conservative, as many open areas have no measurements being taken. But the big news is that the U.S. is a hot spot for potential wind energy.
Archer said it was "ironic and sad" that the United States wasn't doing more, given the resources available.

"But it's not too late," she said. "We can still do it and I really hope we do."
Amen to that. Forget coal, let's get some windfarms going!

(via NWgreens)

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