Thursday, June 16, 2005

Intelligent Design: not just for biology anymore

'Cause if you just don't believe that nature could get so complex on its own (see this New Yorker piece for more on how pathetic the ID arguments really are), then organisms are just the tip of the iceberg. Pharyngula catches the dropped hint and predicts the response thusly:
The Discovery Institute is doing a fine job of raising the visibility of creationism and focusing the attention of their enemies. They say things like this:
Although much of the public controversy over intelligent design has focused on the application of design to biology, it’s important to remember that design theory itself reaches well beyond biology, and that some of the strongest evidence for design comes from such fields as physics, astronomy, and cosmology.
And suddenly, scientists in disciplines other than biology perk up and realize that these clowns are coming to pester them next.
Glad to see astronomers and others coming aboard -- this isn't a fight about biology, but about the nature of testable theories and the primacy of empirical evidence.

(via Fables of the Reconstruction)

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