Friday, June 17, 2005

Less reassuring medical news

Tom Tomorrow alerts us to a couple of striking articles about medical research linking the vaccine preservative thimerosal with autism development in children, and about the creepy corporate/government ring of influence that kept the key study from being published and that apparently coopted all the participants. It's also clear that the pharmaceutical firms continue to run the show, with Bill Frist keeping a heavy hand on all potential investigation of the issue. Quite disturbing!! (and isn't thimerosal in contact solutions too? this is a mercury derivative??)

Update: ABC was to broadcast interviews with Robert Kennedy, Jr., about this story, and then pulled the story (under pressure from parts unmentioned). Blog exposure appears to have reversed the pressure, however...

they ran a piece, but only after adding lots of new "rebuttal" interviews with industry honchos (a decision made at high levels). Cave to corporate interests much?

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