Monday, August 01, 2005

Deferring to the process

Oh no, wait -- bypassing it! A blogger points out that recess appointments were intended for *openings* that occurred during a recess, not just those where the Senate refused to proceed in the dark.
The Democrats and the White House deadlocked over Bolton's acknowledged request for names of U.S officials whose communications were secretly picked up by the National Security Agency. Democrats said the material might show that Bolton conducted a witch hunt for analysts or others who disagreed with him.
(from the Yahoo piece)
kos makes a strong argument that this strategic choice will undermine Bolton's ability to get anything done at the UN, even by the administration's own measures.
So how can he effectively push for reform when the UN bureaucracy can simply run out the clock on him? And how will such delaying tactics blow back on the UN when Bolton couldn't even garner the support of his own countrymen in the U.S. Senate? And how could anyone take Bolton seriously given the number and severity of the allegations against him?
My cowboy countrymen -- wheee.

[and, of course, obligatory photo of the mystfying moustache...]

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