Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Oh yes, security is our highest aim

eesh (forehead smack)In addition to foreign policy that has created and spread terrorists all around the globe, disinterest in real measures to improve the safety of shipping ports or borders, and general preference for appearances (orange alert!) over reality (what no-fly lists?), the Bush administration is now embracing nuclear proliferation in more parts of the world that have consistently proved themselves unstable.
A recent U.S.-India nuclear agreement was so hastily concluded the Bush administration is only now beginning to figure out how to implement it in the face of tough questions from the U.S. Congress and nonproliferation experts.

The agreement, announced July 18 after Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh met President Bush at the White House, upends decades-old nonproliferation rules and will require changes in U.S. law and international policy.
Eh, we can't let domestic or international law get in the way of, um... what are we achieving here again??

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