Thursday, August 25, 2005

Don't you fear, more kittens here!

A new batch of photographic adorableness has allowed me to stave off that terrifying prospect -- a lack of Thursday kitten blogging here at JBS. Thus, the latest installment, theme warning: sometimes we nap *hard*.

[Yawn caught purely by accident.]
Note: take a look at the larger version of this one. That glimmer that you see on her flanks isn't just a flash effect, but an example of "glitter," a sparkling characteristic of some bengals' fur (resulting from air in the hair shaft, apparently). Quite striking in person!!

Nothing helps a day of frustrating news like a cute sleeping kitten!

Bonus shot (teaser edition): what am I getting into?!

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BicycleGirl said...

Adorable, a what a beautiful specimen!

Laurence said...

Ticked/spotted tabby? What a neat pattern?

So, want to get added to the top of CotC's rotating banner? Let me know.

ACM said...

forgive my ignorance, but I'm not sure what you mean, laurence... happy to have some kitty-tourists (just added the back-links for your visitors), but not sure what else you mean. if you direct-linked my pics, I'm sure it would swamp my bandwidth limits...