Friday, September 16, 2005

News from the world of science

An assortment of interesting and hopeful findings of late:
  • There has been some controversy through the years about whether birds might be direct descendants of dinosaurs -- new evidence may give credence to that theory, as scientists have found that most dinosaurs may have been covered with fluffy scales or feathers. Most amazing may be the new images that result when the naked-reptile versions of familiar dinosaurs are updated to incorporate this new information -- a showy display of feathers for T. Rex!
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  • A new form of insulin may allow diabetics to inhale, rather than inject, their regular doses. Some further data is still sought regarding the long-term effect on users lungs.
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  • An accidentally produced strain of mice appears to have remarkable regenerative capacity, which could provide huge insights into how such processes are controlled.
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In related news, it appears that scientific journalists may be shooting too low when they "dumb down" research reports for the general population, which not only frustrates those who have an interest in the subject, but sets the public up for the deliberate distortions of faux experts -- worth reading the whole thing.
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Bill Hooker said...

I put a couple of links to the regenerative mouse papers up here.