Friday, September 16, 2005

Quote for the weekend

Enlightenment is found only on the way, while sojourning through the ordinary world in an extraordinary manner, that is, by greeting each incident as an opportunity for improvisation. fall whirlImprovisation is the spontaneous creativity that occurs between one person and another or between people and events. There is always an established melody within which a particular note or chord surprises us. It can cause us suffering when we dwell on its departure from the rhythm or tonality of the established song. Or it can be taken as inspiration for an improvisatory riff. Enlightened beings are masters of spontaneity and improvisation. They have rooted out suffering by freeing themselves from the personal narrative which would otherwise have reacted to interruption and discord with pain. Those who are enlightened wander through the world without goals and find opportunity for creative spontaneity everywhere.
- Peter Hershock
(via whiskey river)

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