Monday, November 14, 2005

Movie plug

Just saw "Nine Lives" over the weekend. Have never seen anything quite like it. A series of vignettes, not overtly connected, although you notice people reappearing here and there so that you get different perspectives on who they are. Each piece totally grabs you, dropped into the middle of an intense drama, and then sucks you back out and on to the next one. Amazing acting by a series of stunning performers, mainly women, who work with both good writing and excellent interpretation (by their skill or the director? dunno). Not always easy or fun, but vivid, and I defy you to not be thinking about one story or another days later...

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Medley said...

If you like that sort of thing, check out Krzysztof Kieslowski's (the guy who did the Blue, White, Red trilogy) _Ten Commandments_ (Dekalog). It's in Polish with subtitles - 10 different stories centered around an apartment building, so you see characters from one show up in another. It's very good.

ACM said...

hard for me to know whether I "like that kind of thing," having never seen such a movie before. :)

I could imagine its not working at all -- what is so powerful here is the intensity, gritty reality, but upredictability of the individual stories/moments.... In particular, the physical acting of Lisa Gay Hamilton (familiar as Rebecca from The Practice) just blew my mind. blew my mind!

thanks for the recommendation, though -- looks like a good one.