Monday, November 14, 2005

Strange bedfellows

femsignBitch, PhD, finds herself in support of an ostensibly pro-life bill because it offers aid to young mothers trying to complete their educations on the main track, not a half-assed approximation. I found this part of her argument particularly insightful:
We have a tendency to argue that teen pregnancy is bad, that it hampers girl's economic, educational, and social development. We focus on birth control and delaying pregnancy. But the thing is, it isn't having a child that screws girls over: it's the stigma against having kids, the total lack of social support, the "you made your bed, now lie in it" attitude that we have as a society.
Nobody wants to see the teen mother, but shuttling her off to get a G.E.D. just means you've forced her to start from the lowest possible rung and then been surprised when she doesn't climb as high. We should support those willing to invest in their and their families' futures.

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