Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Re-closing the door

Methodist minister Beth Stroud (of the Germantown area of Philadelphia) voluntarily took on her denomination's hierarchy when she chose to defy their ban on "practicing homosexuals" and admit her own lesbian lifestyle; see previous story (of her successful initial appeal) here. Now the highest appeal body of the church has officially defrocked her. Perhaps unsurprising, given the clarity of their rules; perhaps it will lead to discussions within the Methodist church about their priorities.

Meantime, it seems sad for all, given that she seems to have been universally liked and effective in her ministry:
No one - neither church judge, jury, nor prosecutor - contested Beth Stroud's skill and dedication as an ordained minister.
Christian fishI don't know what ideological affinity might bind Stroud to the Methodists; for my part, I hope that she can find another branch of the greater Christian church that will accept her for who she is and welcome her many gifts. Or perhaps her lay ministry is service enough, and a prick in the side of those with a more limited view.