Tuesday, December 20, 2005

This multifaceted life

Rebecca Blood has a running series of interviews with prominent bloggers about how they got into it, what their goals are, and any number of other interesting avenues. However, my reason for pointing to the most recent entry is quite different -- take a look at this guy's CV!!
Adam Greenfield started his blog, v-2.org, in October 2000. He is the author of the upcoming Everyware: The Dawning Age of Ubiquitous Computing and has worked as an information architect in Tokyo, a rock critic for SPIN Magazine, an activist, a coffeehouse owner in West Philadelphia, a San Francisco bike messenger, a medic at the Berkeley Free Clinic, the editor of a free magazine in Seattle, a PSYOP sergeant in the US Army Special Operations Command, and director of new media development for a now-defunct dotcom.
Now that's going where life takes you! Love it. Am also reminded once again of the wonderful Heinlein quote arguing that specialization is for insects . . .

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