Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Thoughts on despair and keeping up the fight

candle flameMedley has a post this morning that is timely as we face the onslaught of bad news about what our leaders are doing behind closed doors, what the rest of the world thinks of us, and the legacy that this administration will leave for the decades ahead. She argues that we must continue to fight because of the value we place on the things we are fighting for, whether or not we have hope of immediate progress. I particularly like this quote (taken from someplace else):
Our freedom, our precious civil liberties, our Constitution must be so sacred to us that we will fight to rescue them no matter how hopeless it might appear at any given moment. In such a struggle as we have here, we are BOUND to have moments of darkness, discouragement, a teetering on the edge of despair, but we must NOT give in to these emotions.
Skip the news for a few days if you must, but don't stop speaking your mind, chipping away at the silence that allows such things to continue. It comes down to each of us where we are.

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