Thursday, April 06, 2006

A cluster of tidbits found via dailyKos

  • Tom DeLay intends to stay active in politics from behind the scenes, colleagues not entirely enthusiastic...

  • Jeb Bush takes first stand against national Republicans in claiming that current anti-immigrant fervor is personally hurtful.

  • Democrats come up with a new strategy to go on offense on the abortion issue, using an emphasis on prevention to reveal the splits within the Republican base.
    An overwhelming majority of Americans support access to contraceptives and sex education. This bill will force Republicans to go on record: do they really want to prevent abortions, or is all their anti-abortion talk the empty rhetoric of pandering politicos?
    Now we're talking!

  • In breaking news today, the ongoing Fitzgerald investigation has for the first time uncovered direct evidence that President Bush was part of the decision to out undercover operative Valerie Plame. Yowza!

  • Also, via Medley (not Kos), a painful story about the aftermath of Katrina and the systematic ethnic cleansing being wrought by those in charge of New Orleans' fate.

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