Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spreading hybrids?

putt putt...Toyota is planning to make hybrid versions of its entire fleet in the next 6 years. This goal also motivates them to reduce the cost of making hybrid cars; they hope that the eventual price differential would be under $2500. Yay!


Marc Stier said...

I would be happier with this news if Toyota hybrid SUVs were more fuel efficient than their gasoline powered cars. They don't seem to be. They are, however, more powerful!

ACM said...

Interesting; I know nothing about SUVs, which make me nuts. I have been frustrated with car makers generally, however, for putting increased engine efficiency to the service of power over economy -- even a lot of compact cars (Outback, Mazda3, etc.) now have a completely unnecessary 140 horsepower (my old Integra was considered a sports model with 120) while having mid-20s mpg. no better than 15 years ago. At least give consumers a choice!