Monday, October 02, 2006

And one other thing

I was going to post another depressed bit about this additional deconstruction of the Constitution (this time the First Amendment)...

... but really, enough despair for the day! How can I worry about petty politicians when Twisty is again taking on the entire patriarchy!?! I wallow gratefully in her wordsmithing magic, this time with regard to an intra-circular battle over popular feminism.
... How am I supposed to take that? What’s the hidden cryptic subtext?

That she shall be roundly chastised who threatens, with ideas, the peace and harmony of the other feminists, even as they graze placidly on the patriarchal green?

That I should resign my membership in the Society of Dissident Spinster Rhetoricians?
Wonderful, wonderful. Read it all, enjoy the deft turns of logic and phrase. Peruse the thoughtful and pithy comments. Be refreshed!

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