Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Priorities unmasked

is there a feminist in the house?Pro-life groups like to claim that their goal is to reduce abortions, but their reaction to a recent "compromise" proposal (which would work to reduce the demand for abortions by providing better support at many levels) reveals otherwise. The lifers immediately began dismantling the bill:
In other words, Ryan’s “allies”, when they realized that he was serious about a pragmatic program to reduce the abortion rate, flipped shit and started taking out the very things that will be effective, from sex education so that women know how not to get pregnant in the first place to actual female-controlled contraception.
Amanda gets the take-home lesson exactly right here:
Guess they actually like having a high abortion rate, right? Well, not exactly, of course. But when given a choice between lowering the abortion rate and disempowering women, they’re going to pick the latter every single time, which demonstrates where their priorities lay.
It turns my stomach.

(via Medley)

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