Friday, January 12, 2007

A good time for Friday cat cuteness

Given that most of the rest of what I'm going to blog is war and mayhem, I'd like to start with the rather simpler and more enjoyable image of one of our cats in her eccentric routine. For some reason that we can't quite divine, Pasha (now about 18 months old) likes to hop into our soaking tub when we're in the bathroom brushing our teeth et al. Perhaps it's the great echo chamber for her mewps ("you could be petting me!!"), or maybe she once found a splashy puddle in there and lives in hope, but anyway, this is a relatively common sight:

Pasha in the tub I
Here she's stretched luxuriously on the tub seat.

Pasha in the tub II
Here she's down in the foot well, presumably fresh from worshipping the drain...

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