Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I had my cake, but now she won't let me eat it!

A subset of men seem to think that feminism is to be blamed for all the ills of modern life, most explicitly the challenges to their own sense of worth and power. Amanda picks up a typical example (I was going to say "particularly egregious," but then I thought again) in which a guy is utterly emasculated when his wife's salary begins to exceed his own.
Money is a cold arbiter of power, and when a wife starts making more, both spouses may feel that the husband has somehow been demoted.
Rather than blame feminism for "warping" women's priorities away from feathering the nest into self-actualization, perhaps such gents should focus their ire on the patriarchal structure of our society, which provides men (as well as women) with such a narrow definition of worth that they are left "strangely fragile" in the face of the need for change and communication. As one commenter in this thread put it:
There needs to be some movement to support men in reclaiming their identity from belittling, dehumanizing stereotypes like this.

OH wait there is, they call it feminism.
femsignIndeed, feminism isn't about women hating on the menfolks; it's about breaking out of the rigid structures that our parents (and teachers and peers and media and...) have inflicted upon us, and deciding for ourselves what our aptitudes, interests, and general contributions to our families and to society should be. That the answer could be different for every individual (or couple, or family, or...) should be a source of joy, not terror!

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