Monday, February 26, 2007

This rings obvious to me

It's never seemed right to me that "all carbs are bad" or "all fat must be avoided" or any of the extremes touted in various waves, not only because they are extreme (balanced diet, anyone?) but because it seems so unlikely that all body chemistries are the same and will respond the same to a range of foods. Never had anything spicey? it might give you indigestion, but leave your Indian neighbor feeling calm and happy. Those who've grown up on vegetarian diets often find the meat and dairy-heavy American diet takes a long time to adjust to, as the necessary enzymes come "on-line." When my g.i. tract acts up, it's a bowl of cereal that is the only guaranteed gentle meal, while others would claim themselves bloated or unhappy after the same. Neither of us are "wrong," just dealing with different chemistries and adaptations.

Anyway, all that was by way of introduction to a new Scientific American review of a new book that indicates that we actually absorb nutrients better from foods with which we are familiar and that we enjoy. Whether that's a side-effect of a happy mood or of the chemistry we've built up by prior exposure to those foods, it's evidence that we're just not all the same and should stop assuming that one-size-fits-all recommendations are reasonable.

(via Rebecca's Pocket)

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