Friday, April 13, 2007

Better than I could have done

Markos (of dailyKos) really irritated me yesterday, by blundering into a heated topic in that has had several weeks of much more informed discussion (see my input here) and dismissing the seriousness of online harassment (it's not the same thing as trolling or general asshatery, of which there is also plenty) with an airy wave. It's frustrating to see a leader in the progressive community show such a blind spot, and it's also hard to make any effective response.

Anyway, all that by way of saying that Bitch, PhD, does a good job of explaining the error of his ways in an open letter, but also of reiterating that major megaphones have a larger than average responsibility to help set the code of conduct for their communities and the larger online realm. Perhaps he'll wake up, perhaps he won't, but at least *his* crap isn't getting a free ride.

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