Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Two things, unrelated

Because apparently giving them separate posts is Just Too Much. or something.
  • VoteVets, who had some powerful ads during the fall elections, have a new project called Videovets, which involves filming veterans and their family members talking about how easy it is to support the troops and oppose the war. Some touching tributes to those still over there, some not coming back, some home for good. I'd seen one or another linked from various blogs, but they have a whole array of testimonials at their site. A great idea and probably a gift to all involved.
    (via dailyKos)

  • On the lighter side, A4 papercut is an amazing array of artistic creations made by cutting shapes out of a standard sheet of paper, and folding the removed parts into 3-D forms -- the resulting shapes (animals, buildings, etc.) and the negative space they leave behind (often more than structural) create amazing resonances. I could look at these all day.
    (via Medley)

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