Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A few things that need blogging

Ah, the pressure of unblogged tabs. If you're lucky, they sometimes cohere. Other times, they just need attention! So here are some worthwhile things:
  • stethoscopeAt last some good news on health care reform, not least that Obama himself says that a public option must be created.

  • Speaking of healthcare, here are two examples of how our current system misfunctions, one over a small expense, and the other showing how you may have to lose your job and your solvancy before you can get your needs attended to. (And can I just point out the ludicrosity of that latter example? Man, this system is broken!!)

  • On a different note, a dKos diarist looks at two recent news stories that remind us of how unions can save lives if they can get some workplace safety concerns addressed.

  • And, unrelated to all of the above, a neat visual that draws on history to help catalyze (and recognize) ongoing societal change.
    (via Bitch, Ph.D.)

  • Finally, just for the snark: a very clever hacked transit sign that rags on my local transit agency for all of the least desirable experiences it offers to its riders. hilarious!
    (via Albert)
Happy hump-day, all!

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