Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tenacious disaffection

I agree with Obama's call to stand up, and I want to encourage my local voters to turn out in November (especially to prevent a crazy man to the right of Santorum from becoming my state's US Senator!), but I also have sympathy for these views. I would never think of staying home on Election Day, because the differences do matter, but the amount of my personal funds and energy that are going into the political realm is decreasing. Other parts of my life have been neglected to some degree, and many of those offer much more reward for investment.

dragging donkey

It worries me that I feel this way. How much more so those who don't really see the differences?

Update: more useful pushback here, including this:
I think progressives in general have to decide whether to work when the work is easy, or work when the work is hard. It was definitely comparatively easy to work for Obama two years ago, because there was idealism, hope, and a kind of certainty that if only we could elect him, then everything would change and it would somehow be easy, despite the campaign's best efforts to tell us that change is hard. It hasn't been easy, and now we're witnessing a population make the choice on whether to roll up their sleeves or sit on their hands.
I also think there was such relief to be rid of Bush (and to have avoided the bullet of McCain) that we wanted to bask for a while. But the opposition made sure we didn't get much to wallow in, and we can't let their obstructionism get the upper hand. Tally ho!

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