Monday, March 26, 2007

Feminism -- still work to do (part III)

USA Today notes: More men are taking their wives' last names (or combinations thereof) -- and getting ceaseless crap for it.
Van Hallgren received a scathing note from a longtime listener with a subject line that read, "Sam, turn in your man card." The listener asked what "sissy juice" the host was drinking.
Because, Lord knows, the patriarchy society has so much more vested in this than the couple themselves, and so much more knowledge of the personal, historical, and linguistic factors that might have gone into the choice. Yeesh.

Spouse and I still get some crap for having different last names, but I suppose much less than if one of us were taking the extra crap for "emasculation" (the ultimate sin)...

(via kottke)

Edit: oh, to make more sense of my subject line, here are parts I and II

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