Thursday, October 06, 2005

Thursday kitten blogging: games edition

Yes, today some documentation of the adventures of our bengal kittens, Pixel (5 months, brown) and Pasha (3 months, snow). The goal in getting a second kitten -- find Pixel a playmate and save the older cats from her pestering -- was fully achieved, as they were chasing each other and wrestling (with much growling and fierceness) from about the second time they met. It takes them about 3 hours of full-contact sport to wear each other out enough to take a nap...

under the couch
This looks like a moment of rest, but there's a lot of tension in that foot against the couch,
and 2 seconds later the next round of chase was underway...

batty pat
whap! patty bat!

full wrestle
This is most of what you see.
grrrrr! MROWFFF!

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kilburina said...

They are very lovely kittens. Lucky you!

DEBRA said...

Such beautiful cats!