Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thursday kittens: love-fest edition

Yeah, Pixel and Pasha are pretty much inseparable. This week, instead of wrestling and chasing, we bring you lounging and cuddling! Mmmmmmm, kittens. (click for larger views)

exhausted from play
a pause between rounds of action...

cuddle heap
we take relaxation very seriously!
(this pic dedicated to Pasha, who goes for spaying today,
and to her soon-to-be-shaved tummy)

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Agnes said...

Hello, I love your blog and its choice of topics, and I'm planning to look at the haiku page too, but could you please give an update on Pasha and her surgery?

Thanks, with sincere regards,

Agnes from Stuttgart (Germany)

ACM said...

She's just fine -- thanks for asking. Given the chance, she'd bite at her stitches all the time, so she's wearing a wide "collar" that keeps her from licking herself at all -- that makes her nuts, but it hasn't kept her from running around and playing. We hope the stitches will be out by the end of the week and she can go back to wrestling with Pixel as soon as possible.


Agnes said...

Glad she is fine and running about. Kittens...Give her (and the other cats) some scritches from me...

All the best, A.