Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thursday kitten-blogging: Technology edition

Both of our kittens got spayed this fall (at staggered times due to their staggered ages), and both were ferocious stitch-biters -- not licking, but tearing at the threads. We counted the days until we could get those stiches out (and both healed very fast, a benefit of early spaying), but both had to wear a cone/collar to keep them from reaching things that needed some peace to mend. Two different vets (don't ask), two different approaches. Both kittens bitter, but in different ways:
Pixel the conehead
So squished!
Pixel got a rigid but transparent collar
Unfortunately, it kind of squished her head! (and also made it really hard for her to eat)
Satellite Pasha
Tied with a bow!
Pasha got a nice loose fit
But couldn't really see where she was going! (or her feet, tough for an athletic kitten)

[Note: images kept small for practical reasons; click for larger views.]

Take-home? No idea which was better; both cats and people were frustrated by the need for isolation as much as anything else. Let's not get any more surgeries.

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Niobium said...

We thought Francesca would leave her stitches alone after her spay. How wrong we were.

Wolf had to micky-mouse an E-collar together the night she came home (Friday) then had to run to the vet first thing Sat. morning to get her a proper "cone of shame." Her's was white, not clear, making it hard to eat, clean herself, etc.

She survived though.

PS Wicked cute kittens, btw.

DEBRA said...

Instead of stitches, our vet used some type of adhesive which worked beautifully. The cats had NO problems and nothing to chew at. They were both up and active the same night be brought them home.

ACM said...

yeah, I wish that sort of thing would work, debra, but these kittens *tear* at anything that seems like it shouldn't belong. they tore all the fur off the tips of their toes where some adhesive was...