Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thursday kitten-blogging: strange angles edition

Pixel has the habit of lying in some very strange positions, as though she could unhinge her shoulders at will. It gives her a lionish look, but I honestly don't know how she does it (or maybe why no other cats do). Sometimes she will lie, say, atop a cat tree at its corner, with one front leg hanging off of each side as though she'd forgotten that they belong to her. Other times she lies on the ground similarly, with each arm way out from her side before it turns forward, as though she were lying aroundsome invisible bowl. Here is a recent example from two angles.

Pixel's flop
zzzzzzz...... (oh, are those feet mine?)

Pixel's flop
from the side you can see that they're sticking straight out into space...

What am I missing?? (Maybe she's just from a "boneless chicken ranch" sort of background...)

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